Our Curriculum


Children are offered a broad balanced early year’s education using the British Early Years Foundation merged with some aspects of Montessori.

The curriculum takes cognizance of the environmental location and adequately prepares children for the high standards in education required for entrance into good schools in the Nigerian setting as well as those with an international flavour. Particular emphasis is placed on relevant and essential learning with close attention given to developing sound early reading and writing skills which is the benchmark of all future learning.

Children have a rich curriculum which cuts across all areas of learning ranging from art and craft, social, emotional and personal development, physical development, language and literacy, numeracy to knowledge of our world. Children are introduced to French, swimming and the computer at an early age and have opportunity to engage in a range of extracurricular activities. More detailed information on the curriculum and a typical day for the children can be obtained directly from the school..

Crèche /The Baby Unit

For children aged 3 months to 16 months

In the Baby unit, our youngest children are treasured and tenderly cared for by experienced staff who have a genuine love for children. The babies’ needs are met on an individual basis and they are stimulated through child-adult interaction and age appropriate early learning resources.

The Toddler Unit

For children aged 16 months to 2 years

Children in the Toddler unit are lovingly cared for and nurtured by a teacher and experienced nannies. Their day is loosely structured with informal early learning sessions and opportunities to learn through play. Toys and age appropriate resources are carefully selected to help aid their development and stimulate their senses. The qualified teacher also helps facilitate this learning. Potty training is introduced when it is felt the child is ready.

The Play School Unit

For children aged 2 to 3 years

In the Play School Unit, learning takes place in a caring and positive environment, enabled by a qualified teacher who delivers the curriculum imaginatively. Children undertake learning activities within a group but at the child’s individual pace. Older children are introduced to a bit more structure to help prepare them for the more formal setting of the nursery environment.
They are introduced to counting, number identification, sounds, shapes and colours among a host of other learning activities.

The Play School Unit is also well equipped with appropriate educational resources which stimulate their natural inquisitive nature to explore and learn.

The Nursery Unit

For children aged 3 to 5 years

Experienced teaching staff focus on helping children acquire sound basic skills for all future learning. Emphasis is placed on developing good reading, writing, communication and numeracy skills. Each child is given ample individual attention and space to learn at their own pace while helping them become confident learners.
Children are also taught self help skills and encouraged towards independence. Additionally, they are offered French, swimming, ICT, drama & dance classes as part of the curriculum. School readiness is a key focus in the Nursery Unit.