8 Ways You Can Help Improve Your Toddler’s Communication Skills

Children and Tantrums
Children and Tantrums
April 19, 2018
June 27, 2018
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Steps to take to improve your toddlers communication skills

Steps to take to improve your toddlers communication skills

Are you worried that your toddler is not developing language skills as expected?

My first daughter was stringing long sentences at the age of just 18months.  The health visitor who did her 18 month check thought she was a wonder. 7 years later I had another daughter, at 17 months, I was still struggling to hear her make a 4 word sentence.  What did I do that facilitated my first daughter’s progress and what did I do differently with my second daughter?

As a Preschool teacher at Tumble Tots, I frequently come across 2 to 3 year olds who are struggling with developing their communication skills. 

If like me, you have been worried about your child’s delayed speech, there are things you can do to help him or her along.

  1. Get your child interacting with people in the environment and less with techy gadgets. They need to practice communicating with others a lot to help them along. TV, I Pads etc. all rob them of that opportunity. While you might like your peace and quiet and it gives you a break from boisterous activity or winging and wining, keeping them engaged this way may come at a price.
  2. Encourage them to request for things and not just having tantrums and pointing at what they want.
  3. Read stories together, sing rhymes, speak in short simple proper sentences but speak all the time to them. It’s never too early to start.
  4. Encourage semi solids and solid foods at the right time in babyhood to help them chew, this helps develop language skills
  5. Nannies are great and a great help but some nannies are busy taking care of the child’s personal needs and carrying out mum’s instructions and don’t engage the child in much constructive communication. If you are not there, enroll your child in a day care early where there is structure and lots of interaction.
  6. Make sure those around your child speak accurate language and ban foul language of your domestic help around your child.
  7. Multiple languages is a good thing, children do become bilingual at an early age but it can also be a reason for delay in speaking as it takes time to sort out the different words and communicate.
  8. Check that there are no fundamental problems causing your child’s delayed speech. If unsure, seek the help of a Speech and Language Therapist.


Tumble Tots Pre School is a Pre school in Lekki, Lagos. These are some of the tips we are sharing to educate parents. For even more tips or to learn more about us, kindly visit our contact page.

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